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Wednesday 27 April 2011

こんろ (konro)

I've had the konro for a while now so I figured I'd fire it up and test it out.  This particular stove is only small, and would be suitable for use with a small gathering of people.  The traditional fuel of choice in yakitori restaurants throughout Japan is binchotan (white charcoal), which is produced from a species of oak grown in the Wakayama Prefecture.

The binchotan must first be heated in a charcoal starter until it is completely white, before being transferred to the konro.  Then simply place the cooking plate over the top and you are ready to grill.

 The binchotan is long burning and burns smokeless, so it will not impart any unpleasant flavours to your food.  In fact when you are done cooking, the remaining binchotan can be quenched in water and dried out for later use.  If you love yakitori and want to cook it at home in the traditional way, I highly recommend a binchotan fired konro.  This small model is perfectly suited for outdoor entertaining, and would make an impressive centre piece for your outdoor table setting.



  1. I would love one of these but I am on my own and so is it worth it for one? Also, how easy is it to get the charcoal etc. in UK?

    1. Hi angelwings
      This konro is perfect to cook for either one or two people, and if taken care of, will last you for many years. I'm not sure about the availability of binchotan in the UK. In Australia I buy the binchotan from a store called Chefs Armoury (located in Sydney and Melbourne), but unfortunately they only ship to Australia and New Zealand. It is possible to use other forms of charcoal like you would use in a regular coal fired barbeque, however you would not get the same result. Binchotan burns slightly cooler than other forms of charcoal, and is smokeless so it doesn't impart any unpleasant flavours to the food you're grilling. This makes it the preferred type of coal for yakitori. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.


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