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Thursday 17 March 2011

やきとり (yakitori)

Well, I ordered my konro from Chef's Armoury the other day, so in anticipation of its arrival I decided to cook some yakitori.  Just to clarify, a konro is a small coal fired stove well suited for barbequing - particularly yakitori. 
So I skewered some chopped chicken thighs with sliced leek, and prepared the sauce from a combination of soy, mirin, castor sugar, water and a little corn starch dispersed in cold water.  A good quality soy sauce always helps towards achieving a rich flavour.
The chicken was grilled on a cast iron hibachi with occasional basting with the sauce.  Sitting out on the deck with a cold beer, this was the perfect way to cook dinner on a lazy afternoon.
This particular cast iron hibachi is not an authentic Japanese stove, but the konro will be, and I will post about that when it arrives.


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