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Thursday 30 October 2014

The Hasselblad Project - Part 1.

Recently I have been thinking about getting more in medium format photography, so I decided I would invest in a Hasselblad.  As the Hasselblad was one of the first system cameras available, rather than purchasing an entire camera, I thought I would purchase the individual components and then put then together myself.  I also thought that this might turn out to be a cheaper option.  I decided to go for the Hasselblad 500 C/M as they are relatively cheap these days and there are plenty available on the second hand market.  The first parts I acquired were the 500 C/M body, along with a A-12 film back that takes 120 film rolls.

The body included a winder and the ground glass viewing screen, and the A-12 back had matching serial numbers for the housing and insert, and also had the dark slide present.  The parts were purchased online, and the owner noted that the auxiliary shutter did not fully close after the shutter had been fired.  I have tested the shutter many times and I have not noticed this problem, so it might only be an intermittent issue.

Cosmetically, both parts are in excellent condition, with some slight surface rust on the locking mechanism on the film back being the only thing that stands out.  Hopefully I can find the rest of the parts to complete the camera soon.

- harajuku32