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Monday 22 September 2014

P-Sharan STD-35e Pinhole Camera

Recently I wanted a pinhole camera to use at school demonstration about light, and after a quick internet search I decided upon the P-Sharan STD-35e kit.  Made in Japan, the STD-35e is constructed of heavy gauge, black cardboard, and the kit comes in a convenient flat-pack format. Assembling the camera takes about one hour and requires no cutting or gluing - simply press the pieces out of their frames, fold in the appropriate places and use the included double sided tape to stick down the folds as as outlined in the instructions.  After assembling the camera, you simply load a 35 mm film and you are ready to shoot.

The above image was taken on Kodak Utramax 400, at an exposure time of approximately one second in the full midday sun.  Not the sharpest image, with a lot of shadow in the foreground. This image was taken while hand holding the STD-35e, but the cameras base plate comes with a standard thread for mounting the camera on a tripod.  This would help in a achieving a sharper image, and essential for taking long exposures at night.  The pinhole is 0.16 mm in diameter, with a 20 mm focal length at F/130.  Being so simple to use, and requiring no batteries for operation, I plan to take the STD-35e out again for a more in depth evaluation.  If you are curious about pinhole photography and don't mid a bit of paper folding, this could be the camera for you.  The P-Sharan STD-35e can be had for around $35.00 and you can visit the Sharan website for more information.

- harajuku32

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